Chemical spill in West Virginia leaves 300,000 without drinking water


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Remember: If you sue the people responsible for this, you HATE FREEDOM!


“I’ll just take a pull on this bottle of water to dispel all this talk of there being no drinking water. Can’t believe these people actually drink from taps, so disgusting!”

"Now, let’s get out in front of this, team! One, 4-methylcyclohexane methanol has meth in it twice! Is this West Virginia or not?

Two, state emergencies and federal declarations of emergencies are sure-fire job creators, JUST LIKE ME!

Three, KIDS, oh yeah!, schools out, you have FREEDOM industires to thank for that!

Four, is there anyone who Doesn’t like Licorice that Shouldn’t be killed?

No, no there isn’t. Freedom Industries, protecting the bottled water industry for meth users by creating jobs for children using big tanks of spilled candy!" Vote for FREEDOM industries at your next government sponsored election cycle!


Is this the same EPA that says that fracking poses little or no threat to drinking water?


Hey, it has methanol in it. Booze on tap!

Until you go blind.


Yay Reuters! I’ve seen several news reports of this incident and this is the first one I’ve come across which actually gives the names of the chemicals leaked.


West Virginia is one of the most anti-environmental states in the nation.

Chickens -> Roost

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Him drinking bottled water is much better than him pretending to drink a glass of the contaminated drinking water and trying to claim that there’s no problem. At least the spill is being treated as an emergency and getting the bad coverage it deserves. I’ll bet that shortcuts were taken with proper procedure to save money, or worse, laws were written so unsafe, cheap procedures could be legal after lobbying.


It’s a real horror incident, but I just can’t help laughing at the name Freedom Industries, it sounds like something out of a really, really sardonic satirical comedy.


Freedom (from pesky government oversight) Industries.


SciAm has an article up about the known dangers of that particular chemical, “<a href=>How dangerous is the chemical spilled in West Virginia” that has some pretty good information in it. also has a pretty good report from the area as well. The man being interviewed talked about how all the restaurants in the area are closed because they can’t wash dishes (or prepare some foods, I would guess). Maybe Freedom Industries wasn’t using the clean-coal variety of this chemical. I understand it’s made of pixie dust and ground liberal.


I’ve seen a Lot of press conferences where people drank bottled water. I’d say there are much bigger problems to be concerned with than the fact that bottled water was put on the table instead of someone filling a jug from a bottle of water. Appearances aren’t everything.

And just the name “Freedom Industries” makes me willing to bet $100 that they’ve spent a lot of money on anti-regulation lobbyists, because Ayn Rand.


You have no idea. We lived there for ~18 months. Even our WELL WATER had a wierd chemical taste to it. And you don’t want to go into the woods, between the booby-trapped pot farms, the crystal meth chemical dumps, and just the burned remains of “stolen” cars. . .

The high school my youngest daughter went to, was that infamous one that was sued for the portrait of Jesus on the wall (and, irritatingly enough, someone ELSE stole it, before we completed OUR plans to sneak in and replace it with a “Buddy Christ”… …), and until then, its’ primary claims to fame were that they were the ONLY high school in West Virginia that sent over 10% of it grads off to college. . . . and that it was the only school district for 6 counties around that had a student body that was not 60%+ on free lunches due to poverty.

What was REALLY sad, is that to most of the locals, moving to a trailer park was considered moving into the “good life”. . .


Because coal.


If you are in the business of storing lethal chemicals, WHY STORE THEM NEXT TO A RIVER?

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  • hungryjoe: The chemical plants and storage facilities were (mostly) created decades before the general public had any environmental worries. There are even old storage tanks under the river.

  • WV has a long history of outside interests coming in, raping the land, hurting the people, and leaving the State in worse shape than before. From logging in the 1800’s, to coal, to fracking, WV continues to suffer environmentally, socially, and economically.

  • West Virginians aren’t bad people, but they are beaten, undereducated, and manipulated.

  • I hope this spill helps change things, but I doubt it will.

  • Here’s a great little story on the current situation:

Video from the Charleston Daily Mail


Yeah, but mmm, licorice!

So does “Homeland Security.”

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Speaking of raping the land, and hurting the people Freedom Industries used to be known as Union Carbide right?