Big Chemical says higher pollution levels are safe in West Virginia because residents don't drink water, and are so fat that poisons are diluted in their bodies


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Big Chemical is apparently now partnering with Big Fast Food in WV.


Yeah, I saw this article earlier. What they really meant to say was that is doesn’t matter because the WV population is overwhelmingly poor, so, you know, really, who cares?




To big chemical I say…


What kills me about these issues that have been plaguing WV for well over a century, is that too many progressives are willing to write the inhabitants as inbred hicks who we can safely abandon and mock for their support of one of the ONLY EMPLOYERS IN SOME PARTS OF THE STATE… And back when there was a real militant labor movement in the region, progressives dismissed them as violent hicks. But these people are literally being poisoned and then derided from the outside.


Because bioaccumulation magically does not concentrate toxic agents in fatty tissue?


They don’t really care about concealing their actual narratives anymore. Industry is just straight up telling people they don’t matter, and there isn’t anything they can do.


I’m sorry - this proposed reboot of Captain Planet is taking the bad guys to a level of ludicrousness that even the original cartoon writers would have thrown out as “to stupid for our audience to believe”. Can you dial it back and make the villains just a little more “realistic”?


one owns the other already


Hormone disruption from some chemicals can cause obesity.


For those unfamiliar with Big Chem in W. Va. :

“For nearly a century, Chemical Valley was home to the largest concentration of chemical plants in the United States, according to a 2004 history by Nathan Cantrell, published by the West Virginia Historical Society.”


What I ask is simply this…at what point are the West Virginians going to open their ears and eyes and realize this is how the GOP sees them and they say “Hey…let’s not vote for them anymore”?


Life once again imitates The Onion.


Bernie won the WV democratic primary, and several other rural states.

Keep that in mind when the Dems try to push some milquetoast John Edwards clone instead of Bernie or Warren.


Perhaps once the DNC establishment starts caring a little less about big corporate donors and a little more about individual humans they consider poor hicks. Until they see that, the bogus right-wing populist rhetoric decrying the Coastal Elites will continue to have a certain appeal (especially when the Republicans who spew it continue to under-fund their schools).


I will relate a story form my days in WVU PICU here, because it is appropriate. The Kanawha Valley, aka Chemical Valley, at least in my day, produced a statistically improbable number of congenital heart disorders, particularly one called Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. To the point that we became concerned and tried to investigate the degree of improbability. Such studies were discouraged. With prejudice. Never got an explanation, not that we needed one, but the suspicion remains quite strong. Something just ain’t right down there. But since it only seems to affect WVians, nobody really cares. Move along, nothing to see here.


Wait… “boil water” advisories? How many chemicals are treated by boiling water?


So you’re saying this problem…solves itself? That’s just good business /s


None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. The stupid burns, but not a brightly as the river!


Well, some of them have lower boiling points than water, so those will be reduced, right?

/s, just in case it’s not obvious