Finland makes taxes fun with a Netflix-style website

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The popular American series “The Road to Serfdom” is not on the lineup, likely due to crappy production values.


Actually it’s by the Finnish Tax Administration.

Oh fuck! I have to update my tax card.


That took a long time. Finnish Tax Administration web pages are way too slow. It took over 15 min fix my taxes!


As I understand things, this isn’t even about encouraging the Finns to prepare their taxes on time because, like 30+ other countries, the tax agency does that for them!

Employees receive a pre-completed return sometime in March and April. If information on the tax return is correct, there is no additional action needed, and the tax return can be considered complete. If adjustments are necessary, they can be entered online prior to mid-March. ( Simple Tax Guide for Americans in Finland (

Return-Free Filing: A Better Fit for a Better Tax Code (

Every year I submit my goddamned return and then write to Intuit to stop lobbying congress to block the IRS from preparing our taxes and then write to my federal legislators to allow return-free filing or at least simplify the tax code. This year I will finally hire a local accountant to do our increasingly complicated taxes. At least that way I am paying someone in the community, not some disingenuous predatory corporation.


True, but they do have this series. They classify it as “drama” but in the US we call it “fantasy”:


Yeah but we still usually have to do some changes like I had to add my commute so I get deduction on it. And I did underestimate my salary so I had to make a supplementary tax card.


Though I’m sure some will find irony in tax dollars being used to make people feel happy to pay their taxes, still gotta say I love Finland.


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