I can't wait for this Finnish summer death car game



Website blocked by my work filter, not because of frivolity, but because Finland. Really? Is Finland next on the Axis of Evil?

Okay, to be fair, I have no valid work reason to access anything from Finland, ever. But still.


As soon as I saw the part about being able to accidentally spill coolant on the ground while trying to fill a rad, I was hooked. This guy gets it.

Absolutely phenomenal. I can’t remember the last time I was this excited about a videogame.


That youtube vid becomes more and more hilarious

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The reason it’s blocked is because Finland [is too close to Norway which] has a very good, populist strategy about its North Sea oil’s revenue and your government doesn’t want your to find out just how much you’re being shafted by it.


Isn’t it Norway?

The rant around the 27 minute mark about how Forza and GT games are for mastrubating to shiny cars was inspired.

In his game the only mastrubating you get to do is to a poster of a girl.


I believe you’re correct!

Or they’re protecting us from salmiaaki, a laudble goal for which I would gladly pay twice as much income tax to support.

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it’s even more fun in real life, you should try it sometime.

The thing is this is too realistic. This is what it was like I wasn’t involved in amis culture but I was there in vocational school so playing this would be like role-playing my friends.

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It’s salmiakki, double-k, not long a. And salmiakkikossu is a quite good drink. Albeit tests so far show that I am the only one south of Helsinki who likes it.

I absolutely loved this, can’t believe I watched the whole thing. As far as realism goes, there’s some bending of the definition going on, specifically the part where he throws his case of beer at the car to get it out of a ditch. I was dying laughing. Not at him, with him. Brilliant.

The accent is known as “rally english” among finns and he really aces it. Sounds just like Kankkunen, Mäkinen, Gronholm etc: https://youtu.be/TAGbrM-MMRk?t=13s

I didn’t need to know that somebody made a schnapps out of that horrible salty licorice. that’s seriously nasty stuff.

Whatever you think about it, you’ll consider it a nectar right from gods after you taste terva.

…don’t ask how I know…

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not that I wouldn’t try tar flavored candy just to say I had. but seriously. this is what happens when you live somewhere with 23 hours of daylight, you just get a bit manic and crazy around august 1st from lack of sleep and start making shit up.


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