Finnish is easy


Holy crap… seems pretty tough.

Unless you’re Daniel Tammet…

Those people in the picture are Sámi they speak Sami languages not Finnish.


Is this like all those Eskimo words for snow that are just a combination of two words that get automatically combined into one due to the nature of the language? Like a “bad dog” would become a baddog.

Thanks. Someone pointed that out on Twitter too, so I swapped the images out. Apologies to any Sami I’ve offended.


I think this makes Finnish a lot easier. If you can just remember that the word for dog is koira-something, slap an ending on it and you’ll probably be just fine!

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It’s probably mostly declensions and suffixes instead of pronouns, like „dog’s“ , „dogmine”, “doghis” and perhaps gender/sex stuff like “dogmale” and the likes.


Yeah pretty much expect the genre stuff. Finnish is almost genre neutral. There’s also stuff like from a dog, to a dog, inside of the dog, to be a dog, to be your dog, to be my dog, our dog, your dog did something, is that my dog?, without my dog etc. Past and present froms words for my dog and your dog. Finnish bends almost endlessly.

I like the idea of genre pre/postfixes. We’d have particular words for dog-in-a-Western, dog-in-a-romcom, dog-in-a-manga-movie-about-cats, dog-in-a-Finnish-arthouse-film-about-dispair… The possibilities are endless. I think this would work well in German.


So Groucho Marx’s like about “inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read” makes sense in Finnish?





(Apologies to any Germans for the language butchery. )


This really reminds me of:

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finnischer Elendskunstfilmhund

You can only compose nouns, and sometimes you need a “Fugen-S” (bolded for your convenience). But a valiant effort nonetheless. :slight_smile:

Also, I think I have a language complexity inferiority complex (Sprachkomplexitätsminderwertigkeitskomplex) towards Finnish now.


Really? I thought these guys love Donald Duck way more than superhero stuff.


Thanks. It’s been a while and to call my German rusty denies a perfect opportunity to use the word “abysmal”.
So many Earth languages, how do you guys ever manage to get along…




Emacs ispell (apt-get install tmispell-voikko) confirms all your word-forms are good, except the word “again” in the middle. All we need now is to persuade Google to stop treating Finnish like any other languages. You cannot translate Finnish into English word-by-word using only dictionaries. You need to use the language-structure information in the beforementioned “Voikko”-database to pull the word “Koiraksenikokaan” apart into a sentence before translation.

Seems like google translate still can be improved.

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A friend of mine who moved to Finland says that learning Finnish is so easy that ‘a three-year old could do it’.