Firefox Test Pilot: help determine the browser's product roadmap

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I think it’s been clear since the introduction of Australis that Mozilla’s not really concerned with what users want from its browser - the devs have their own vision.


I’d like to test a feature that lets me use older extensions that have been abandoned by their developers but that I still use on a regular basis.


Do we like Firefox/Mozilla again?

It is about effing time!
I have been using tree-style tabs for years – can’t imagine using a browser without them. (although, it does make it too easy to have a billion tabs open at once)

Edit: the test pilot “side tabs” is working fine on FF developer v48
It would be nice if it did expandable sub-tabs like the tree-style tabs (and if I could put it on the right side).
Just noticed an issue as I went to save my edit… It cuts the bottom xhundred pixels off of the page, so I couldn’t see the “save edit” button. I had to disable the “tab center” in order to finish this edit.


You can get most of them to work by fiddling with stuff under about:config

You mean other than the 90+% of users who like the current UI just fine, no matter how much trolls complain about it online?

Right! THOSE morons.

Should Mozilla listen to trolls or morons? That’s a tough call.

I hear they’re in the pocket of GoogleYahoo anyway.

I thought that option was going to be removed in an upcoming release. At which point I’ll just have to stop updating Firefox.

They still have it in the v48 builds – current production version is v46, so it might be around for a while.

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Oh good. As long as that and the Classic Theme Restorer keep working I can continue using Firefox.

Which one did you choose?

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We fight for the users so the 90+%.

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