Firefox's new start page is a gateway drug to awesome Web literacy


If so, then NoScript is my anti-drug. All I get is a google field.

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I can’t imagine making anyone’s first foray into the nuts and bolts of the web a CSS tutorial will have the desired effect. In all likelihood it’s going to send them running for the hills.

Especially once they get to the point where something looks good in your browser completely goes to hell when you try to show it to your friend in their browser.

“B-but, the text was next to the image when I was at home!”

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One small thing: IIUC, it’s about:home, the Firefox “start page”, and not the blank new tab page, which is about:newtab (unless you’ve configured Firefox to show about:home as your new tab page).

To see about:home, click the Home toolbarbutton.

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I get “This webpage is not available” when I try it.

I see it, if I go to about:home. It’s sweet, the long list of named colours it presents made me all nostalgic for the 90’s, when I learned HTML by going to extraordinary lengths to format my text in RPG chatrooms, and had a list of colour-names taped onto my monitor because I was too lazy for HEX. “Mediumaquamarine”, “LightSteelBlue”- truly, humanity’s finest colour-names.

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Cool :slight_smile:

I’m disappointed that it doesn’t support hashcolors like #ff0000 for red.

My home page has been about:blank for years.

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I remember in the early intertron days when people used to put loads of little gifs on their web pages (no, not current BB) and one I used to often see was “made with notepad”.


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