User interface from Tron Legacy boardroom scene recreated in HTML

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How bizarre! My phone’s using WiFi at a motel, and long-pressing the malformed “inconsolata” link (to open a new window) leads to a search page – purportedly level3 is the DNS provider and this is their way of “helping.”

To quickly check if I’d been hijacked I opened a new window (mobile Chrome browser) and entered a random word in the address box…yup, still hitting Google search. But then I entered “inconsolata” in the address bar – the complete term, didn’t let autocomplete do its thing – and once again got ferried to search.

So, long story short (“Too late!”) – Broken link, Rob ; -)

Same here.
I am inconsolable.

Clicks link! oooohs and awwwws and the gorgeous blue black interface… wAH!? wassis? a command line interface? [type ‘ls’] oh nice ! ls -al … uh where’s my dash? uh… which one is a directory… uhm illusion spoiled… crashes back to reality Sigh… also the tab doesn’t work… so sucks… :frowning:

Original typeface in the film was DejaVu Sans Mono though.

I can’t seem to do anything with the Wikipedia one - am I missing something?

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