Do you hate hamburger menus?


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I keep clicking and have yet to receive my hamburgers.


I don’t see the problem. New concepts sometimes require new symbols. Nothing any of our computers do today would have made sense 30 years ago and we seem to have come up with interfaces that basically work.

People will learn what the three lines mean and we’ll all forget it was ever an issue. Life goes on.


Came here to complain about actual hamburger menus. None of the options look good, but they all look pretty good. Just a regular burger I guess?

But as a web dev, and an ancient-ass man of 33, I do hate that the hamburger menu appearing even on desktop versions of every website represents the dominance of mobile web viewing so complete*, that it renders most web design obsolete…

*why doesn’t this totally necessarily complex web application not easy to fill out on my phone?


IMO It makes sense on mobile web pages, it doesn’t in desktop versions. :confused:


I could go for Five Guys.


I hate rounded avatars if that counts.


Aw snap, there’s one on 14th Street! Peanuts for everyone!


I hate that all my favorite things, such as Save As…, are disappearing. They are being replaced by things that take more work to do the same task. Sure, it makes sense if you want to homogenize all UI into one “device”, but I use three different types of computer.


All menus should be labeled with text.


We’re used to icons that are kind of lateral to what they represent, don’t fit with each other, and in many cases are obsolete. A paper file folder for “load”, a floppy disk for “save”, a gear for “settings”, that 1/0 icon for “power”, a Rolodex for “contacts” and so on.

I really don’t think the hamburger menu is a terrible representation for “small list of other miscellaneous stuff.”



I find the name to be silly, but I like it for tiny screens. Makes more sense as a bit of UI than the floppy-disk-as-save image.


I don’t mind the introduction of a new and useful icon, and I think people will adapt to it easily enough. If the hamburger appears when the browser window is very narrow, that’s good responsive design, assuming the menu is more than a few items. If it pops in as soon as the window is slightly less than enormous, that seems like terrible design work to me. If the top of the page is wide open for lots of menu items, the hamburger is a pointless obstacle.

Web design was much simpler when screens were all roughly the same size.


My problem is not that all these menus seem built for “mobile” (when did we stop adding the noun “devices” to the adjective “mobile”, anyway? but I digress) - but they are built for touchscreen interfaces. Those of us with decades-trained keyboard muscle memory have issues. I must say, though - if they’d just leave keyboard shortcuts intact, and make an effort once in a while to publish them, they can do what they want with the ‘pretty pictures’


Looks like a Mark Rothko^ to me. If they want to indicate a hamburger why aren’t they using different colors?

^Okay, not really, but I can’t think offhand of the Abstract Expressionist it does look like,


Just stick to In-N-Out. They haven’t changed their menu in decades.


I always thought it represented rows of options… kind of, click (tap?) here and you’ll get a list of things to choose from.


Makes more sense than

does for “save” in 2015


It makes more sense if you add a little tab thingy to the top bar.