First drone delivery of organ for human transplant

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Sounds like a cost-effective option for navigating crowded urban environments. Getting a kidney across manhattan at rush hour would probably prove challenging, but a drone should be able to maneuver through the streets without disruption.


I would have settled for a successful pizza delivery, but this is pretty cool.

BTW: Who was the donor, and was he / she OK with this?

I look forward to the glitches.
“Honey? Did you order something from Amazon?”


“…this valentines day, send your loved one a real heart”



“When you care enough to send the very best… direct… express… Prime.”

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Sure it seems like a great step forward for modern medicine now, but just wait until those drones decide to start collecting human organs on their own.


If the situation was a “we set this up ahead of time and I am donating a kidney to this nice person” plan, it would all have happened at one place. That it didn’t, generally indicates this was a patient who died and donated their organs.

This is the old way of doing it, complete with “jam sandwich” Rover SD1. Drones are probably quite a lot faster- the cars hit 120 mph on the motorway, but are down to an average of 5 mph in Central London.

(At the time, there was no air ambulance service in London, and the police helicopters had been grounded following a crash the day before).

We’re all living in a Bruce Sterling or William Gibson future now.

It’s just not evenly distributed yet.

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