Drone-delivered lungs are a game-changer for organ transplant science

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“I don’t always get my lungs delivered but when I do, I get them delivered by drone.”


So I looked up and saw one of them there Chinese spy balloons, I grabbed my always loaded shot gun I keep handy in case a ball rolls on my lawn and shot that thing down.

Make Amurica Great 2024.

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The drone delivery technology, system, and service Zipline (recently the topic of a Mark Rober YouTube video) sounds positively amazing. This service solves a different, albeit related, problem, and also sounds like a great application of existing drone technology. Very cool to read about any and all improvements like this!


Drone deliveries of medical supplies have been happening in Rwanda (and I believe Uganda) since at least 2017 but I don’t know if they’ve been delivering organs for transplants:

Please join the Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Working Group at MIT for a lunch seminar with Kevin Etter, Director of the UPS Foundation Humanitarian Relief & Resilience Program. Mr. Etter will be speaking about UPS’ partnership with Californian start-up, Zipline, and non-profit, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance — using drones to deliver critical medical supplies in Rwanda. Lunch will be provided.

Drones for Delivery: Distributing Critical Medical Supplies in Rwanda

Kevin Etter, Director of the UPS Foundation Humanitarian Relief & Resilience Program

Through a partnership between UPS, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, and Zipline, drones are being used to deliver critical medical supplies, such as blood for transfusions, from cities to rural or remote locations in Rwanda where the lack of transportation infrastructure causes millions of preventable deaths each year. Mr. Etter will highlight the innovative and operational aspects of the initiative as well as provide background on a unique public private partnership funding strategy.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017, 11:30 - 12:45 PM
Humanitarian and Disaster Relief Working Group
MIT Building 66 - Room 154, Cambridge, MA


My final project in one of my animation classes in college was about a kid living in a polluted area whose lungs pop out of his chest and inflate like a balloon and carry him out to the countryside. So, somewhat related.


I look forward to the drone equivalent of the couriers you sometimes see driving unsafely round London with a battered cooler taped to the back of their scooter on which they have scrawled “Organs for Trasplant” with a magic marker

Here’s the Rober in Rwanda video a couple of people have mentioned. It is one of his better ones.


hmmm… maybe drones for kids. it’d certainly solve the whole crawling under trains problem :thinking:


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