Vanuatu will use drones to deliver vaccines across its remote chain of tiny islands

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Neat, just like that nice little flying ball droid that came to bring Princess Leia her flu shot.


Are drones still gee-whiz?

It’s safer than Lil Poundcake!


This is exciting. If they can deliver cold vaccines to remote islands, it’s just a matter of time til they can deliver hot pizza to urban apartments!

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Nah, for that you still want The Deliverator :tm:!

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A company called Zipline has been doing remote delivery of medicines by drone in Rwanda since 2016 and expanded to Tanzania in February 2018, I believe.

My notes from a presentation at MIT on 11/20/17:
Drone is 2 meters long, payload of 3.5 pounds, flying at speeds up to 130 km/h, cruising at 100km/h with a range of 160 km round trip, within 15-45 minutes. Two installations can cover the whole of Rwanda.
Uses Whatsapp for ordering
Predetermined flight paths
Notice to predetermined delivery point 2 minutes before arrival
Drones make only one drop
Fly at 150 meters and drop packages at 15 meters
2500 deliveries in the past year, now at 25 flights per day
Drones fly in total downpour and up to gale force winds

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But a drone can fly right over that swimming pool in The Mews At Windsor Heights.


Notice to predetermined delivery point 2 minutes before arrival

Do that make that dopplered screaming noise as they approach?


My son’s school were all given HPV vaccine. But they got confused and started telling us they were immune to HIV.

I suspect that the drone arrival notification is more like a text than a dopplered screaming.

Looks like your son has the same kind of confusion about the difference between HPV and HIV that Trmp does, according to Bill Gates anyway.

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