First Ebola patient in Sierra Leone’s capital on the run, officials appeal for help finding her




I hope her next stop is not somewhere like, say Sydney, London, Paris, Houston, São Paulo, Tokyo, Mumbai…

Woooo-eeee. San Francisco, New
Orleans, Rio de Janeiro, Rome,
Kinshasa, Karachi, Bangkok, Peking!
That’s some trip you’re taking, sir,
All in one week!


TICKET AGENT (handing over the tickets)
Have a good one, sir.

(Twelve Monkeys)


Imagine if Sierra Leone had packed trains like China/Japan… (I wonder how many cases a person could cause by spending a day just traveling on them?)


I was just about to say, don’t about a dozen movies start this way? At least she’s not carrying zombie virus.

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That is such a bad idea in so many ways.

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Tsk. Such judgementalism.

There’s nothing better for a sick person than to be at home surrounded by loved ones.

Gee, it’s warm in here. I wonder if the AC is off.



Thank you!
As a Certified Judgementalist (CJ Ass.1), it is rare to actually receive positive recognition in a public forum – it makes the years of dedication and alienation worth it.



Dear concerned family members,

You know what they say about the road to hell and what it is paved with? Well, recent reports suggest that it’s paved with both good intentions and blood oozing out of your eyes…

I understand that looming death is scary, and that fear makes people do stupid things; but what’s the logic in this case? Is this just garden-variety bad judgement in haste, or are there assorted conspiracy theories swirling around about the healthy being diagnosed and condemned to the plague ward? Some quack offering comforting lies? There must be something to induce people to go and bust an infectious individual out of the place offering the (limited) best available care and instead bask in the infection themselves. Any news on what that might be?


Madagascar should be closing their ports right about now/


Though it does seem that the spread of Ebola, like HIV to an extent, is enabled by conditions in Africa.

I thought this comment by queazocotal on slashdot was pretty insightful:

You’re faced with people who you’ve never seen, look quite different than you, and turn up in suits that cover their entire body. This happens shortly after, or even before the community notices an issue - as they are surveying populations nearby. Then people start dying, and these people who don’t speak your language want to take the bodies of your loved ones, and desecrate them.

Add to this that education in these places is basically non-existant in many cases.

It’s no wonder that people can come to the conclusion that the health workers are causing the disease.

Especially given the centuries long history of exploitation. Fake vaccination programs by the CIA to fine OBL haven’t helped either.


I’m going to toss “Al Qaeda is offering $$$ for an infectious individual” out there – perfect Fox-n-Friends Fodder


A report on NPR said that it’s because they don’t believe Ebola is contagious, and that it was brought by the white man and his hospitals. No, I am not making this up. To be fair to the locals, every Ebola victim that is brought to a hospital dies, and hospitals are scary places. The fact that every Ebola victim NOT brought to a hospital also dies is ignored due to a bug in human reasoning. So it’s not their fault per se. They just aren’t educated enough to recognize the effect of the bug and work around it. Much like Americans and 9/11.


Sick people are petulant and self-centered.
-WS Burroughs

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Thing is, ebola, for all its vaunted ability to burn itself out quickly, has that cosy incubation period. This one keeps pushing, pushing along the tributaries to busy cities, and it has been succeeding recently.

Hospitals were the cause of 9/11? Woah!

Maybe that explains the opposition to Obamacare…


Sweet! that’s just what I need to finish my Ebola crop dusting quadrocopter!

(BTW bioterrorism agents are notoriously difficult to weaponize and are probably more effective as hoaxes that actual weapons)


Including a general skepticism about the germ theory, which also seems to be on the wane in America.