New York hospital treating patient who may have Ebola



How much should you be worried about Ebola?

So… can we freak out now? Or is it still too soon?

Seriously, this is a bit more concerning than the guy here in atlanta at emory, that the hospital and cdc were prepared for.


Sorry, been doing other things. Where are we on the STFU chart now?



If it weren’t for Obamacare this man’s disease would be cured by the invisible hand of the market, and the rainbow farts of unicorns.


I understand those are emitted every time Boehner exits his tanning bed. I do find it odd that the article makes no mention of the person’s nationality. If the person is not an American, is the treatment being done here for humanitarian purposes? And if that’s the case, it seems like a Really Bad Idea to transport a person from a place currently experiencing an outbreak of one of the most deadly known illnesses to the States just because we want to be nice.
So, illuminate me–why is this person here?


[quote]Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City is treating a possible Ebola patient who recently traveled to West Africa, hospital officials said.

The patient arrived at the hospital’s emergency room early Monday morning with “a high fever and gastrointestinal symptoms,” according to a statement from the hospital.[/quote]


Have they ruled out Lupus?


We’re also out of coffee…


It’s never lupus!


Sounds like it could be a number of illness, but hearing “I recently traveled to West Africa, doc” raised all the red flags and perked up the ears of everyone in the room.


Well, I’m in Europe, at the moment, so you guys are gonna’ die off first. Just don’t go out in an apocalyptic orgy of panic-induced violence.


We’re Americans, what did you expect? :slight_smile:


[quote=“wrecksdart, post:5, topic:38362”]
So, illuminate me–why is this person here?[/quote]
Visiting relatives? Always wanted to see Pippin on Broadway?


Or, returning home from visiting relatives. Or returning from a business trip.


How hard is it to confirm it is Ebola? Why the ‘May have Ebola" first? Is it to avoid panic? Is it’, “Your cat is on the roof” attitude?

Is it a way to help getting more funding for the ebola wonder serum?


[quote=“Spocko, post:15, topic:38362”]
Is it a way to help getting more funding for the ebola wonder serum?[/quote]
It is a false-flag attack to distract Americans from the waves of leprosy-tainted eight year old Columbians staggering zombie-like over the Texas border.


But seriously? There ARE other tropical diseases than Ebola. Why feed the panic machine when there could be nothing to this?


I will give them the benefit of the doubt that they are being prudent rather than alarmist but yes it could be many things.


According to CNN the doctors think it’s “Probably not Ebola”

On the plus side, this will allow the TSA to test you all with rectal thermometers going through immigration


I hear that is horribly contagious.


Bite me, it’s fun.