Nurse at first US hospital to treat American Ebola victims: Everyone STFU and chill



I take umbrage at being told to “shut the fuck up” (twice) by a blog that only a week ago was fanning the flames with such inflammatory headlines as “Ebola ‘moving faster than our efforts to control it,’ says World Health Organization” and “Ebola is ‘just a plane ride away’ from the USA, as outbreak spreads in West Africa”.

If there really is panic amongst the readers of this blog then you all played a massive part in instigating it. Don’t suddenly turn around and lecture us for buying what you were peddling. That is the sort of bullshit behaviour I’d expect from Fox News, I expect more integrity of BoingBoing.


You do? Do you usually skip Xeni’s posts then?

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I’ve never figured out what to do with all the umbrage. There is rather a glut. Know anyone buying?


Put it in all the flames that are being fanned. Artists always need burnt umbrage.


Nurses FTW.
Reminds me --uncomfortably so --of my days as a newly-hatched RN caring for AIDS patients. Different disease process, yes. But the stigma those people faced… You’d have thought they were oozing nuclear waste.
Kudos to the team at Emory.


When I read your post, I thought it might be one of the frequent sets of editorial contradictions by different authors, but they are all by Xeni!! WTF???

A “mea culpa” I could understand, but not the “STFU” by the author of the posts you linked to. One could claim that Xeni is just reporting what others said, however, the “STFU” was Xeni’s characterization of the article, not a quote. So, again, WTF?

I imagine those persons offended by these four letters (quite obviously utilised as a succinct means of dispelling panic and encouraging research into actual facts as opposed to scaremongering) would be quick to use the very same figure of speech in vehemently opposing a potential pub/bar discussion proposing an assertion as to the musical superiority of Radiohead over Oasis. They’d be wrong in that scenario as well.

Just to be clear, I’m not offended by the words, I’m offended by the hypocrisy of fear-mongering followed immediately by berating people for possibly feeling fearful.

I 100% support the sentiment that most people in western countries are in no immediate danger and need to stay calm.

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Interesting article accompanying this

My own infection is proof that someone can easily carry ebola into the US

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I don’t normally pay much attention to who authored each post. I just treat BoingBoing as a unified source of interesting reading material. That is probably a failing on my part. If you are implying what I think you are then maybe I need start paying attention to the medium as well as the message.

Spoken like a gentleman.


Yeah, there’s absolutely nothing worrying about that level of hubris.

I leave mine at the Left Umbrage Locker at the railway station… I never go back for it…


I believe it was Ben Franklin who said something along the lines of

To have freedom of the press, one must own a press…

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The way I see it, Xeni and the others are just passing along interesting articles which they may or may not agree with, while putting their own unique spins in the headlines and summary paragraphs. I don’t think Xeni is telling everyone what to think with these posts, she’s just trying to make them interesting.

I try not to read too much into any of it.


Listening to the callers on an overnight talk radio show - NOT the George Noore/Alex Jones crowd, either - I was surprised at how many people feared that bringing these two people into the U.S. would lead to some catastrophe, as if keeping them out and somehow “checking people at the airport” would prevent the disease from spreading.

We need these patients in Atlanta, the home of the CDC, so that they and their treatments can be controlled, watched, and studied in a way that would be impossible almost anywhere else in the world. Hopefully, effective treatment(s) may be found.

Containment of Ebola will be difficult, if not impossible, and ignorance and paranoid isolationism will not stop its spread. That may actually make the spread worse as people let their guard down when they assume they are safe.


I’m totally panicking, like right now. Like, yikes and stuff. Panic panic panic. Goin abso-lutely wackadoodle. Cats and dogs living together and whatnot. And all because of BB.