First-ever LSD microdosing study on its way


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This is important work that needs to be done. We have so few effective therapies for depression that it is worth investigating unusual avenues. I’m a little sad the study size is so small, which will make it hard to be very confident in the findings. Still, I suppose they need to start small in order to gain legitimacy when working with such a controversial substance.


I’ve worked with microdosers and I’m super skeptical. My guess is that the placebo effect is a big factor.



microdosing LSD (ingesting LSD in such minuscule amounts that its psychedelic effects aren’t felt) is said to work really well at triggering the placebo effect.

I mean, in all likelihood that’s what’s going on - the placebo effect can be quite powerful and self-reported improvements to cognitive function can’t be trusted - but it’ll be nice to have some hard data on this to know either way.


William Buckley was on LSD?


I’ve often wondered. It’s easy to mistake his accent for intoxication.


“In 2016, she was able to use LSD that had been synthesized for research purposes by a government certified lab, but she suspects that this stash has long since been used up.”

Well, I know a guy…


I mean, if anything trumps the placebo effect, it’s unfounded skepticism.


What makes you think my skepticism is unfounded?


How do i participate? :slight_smile:


What we really need is a proper scientific study, to assess if there is any real effect…


I agree totally.

If the study comes out and finds that it’s just a placebo effect I wonder if an argument can be made that microdosing should be used to treat depression because of the placebo effect?


It’s good to see that new research is being done, but using small doses of LSD and other psychedelics was being done in Canada (among other places) over 60 years ago. “First-ever LSD microdoing study on its way” is not only a misleading title, it’s not true.


To me, it sounds like a transatlantic accent mixed with a little bit of a Southern accent.


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