First Look: Jason Gurley’s ELEANOR

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Thank you for clearly identifying this as a sponsored post!

Not sure if you are sincere or giving me grief over the BBS view. Appears the disclosure, which is at the very top – and very clear – is truncated in the BBS view, as well as the video interview of the author.

On the blog front page I intended the tag be sponsored and am working with Rob to ID why that is not the case. All the advertisers prior, with this new design, have worked splendidly. We post by Boing Boing and tagged Sponsored, so it should be very clear to folks before they even click to open and see that the first line is always a disclosure.

If you are being sincere, thank you. We are always proud to share our sponsors. It is rare we hear kind words, however. Thank you. Message me for a t-shirt.

The only other option I have, to fix this for BBS viewers is to shut the BBS down. So, here is the screenshot.

Also, I will just share here – I asked the publisher for a review copy of this book after loading the post and reading the excerpt. :slight_smile:

Totally sincere.

My only criticism would be that the first sentence begins with the headline (I think), is interrupted with the image caption, and continues in a way that makes it look like something was dropped. In my browser, it looks like this:

What does “is the story of identical twins” follow from? The headline, right?

And forget about the t-shirt. You aren’t going to dox me that easy… One time I thought I won a boat, but then was arrested when I went to pick it up at the police station.

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Your browser is dropping all the links. That is the problem. T-shirts arrive via mail, just like dildos for Patriots.

You’re right. I block doubleclick so it’s dropping “Eleanor” which is a link to doubleclick. That makes sense.

Feel free to buy a t-shirt!

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