Stargazing: Jen Wang's semi-autobiographical graphic novel for young readers is a complex tale of identity, talent, and loyalty

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Nice of you guys to have a giant ad that covers the photo from the article completely, and then shrinks to an unclosable banner that still covers the bottom of the photo.

Really interesting, but the synopsis feels like it went too far.; like many movie trailers these days. It needs to be more tease and less tell. Specifically…

Well. “Unsuspected” until I read that.

There are many browser options that could fix that for you. My personal favorite at this time is Brave.

I really get that BB needs to make money, and advertising is the easiest way to do that, in that it’s a “fire-and-forget” shotgun method. However once the ads became too intrusive, I realized it was time to bow out of that monetization scheme.

Occasionally I will buy stuff from their store, or follow affiliate Amazon links, but intrusive ads? No.


This has been discussed in the meta category.
If the ad is interfering with BB then at least screen cap it and report it to
pinging @orenwolf just make sure I got that email right.

(disclaimer: I do not primarily handle the adtech for BB) will go directly to our ad partner as well, and will definitely help track down bad actors, as many times we can’t see the ads ourselves due to geofencing or device-specific targeting. I’m fairly certain those banners are either supposed to auto-close or definitely be closable!


A while back this site really was mostly wonderful things, and I came here regularly. I had whitelisted the site, so it was unaffected by any of my internet unshittifiers.

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Is there a way to support BB more directly? I looked for a Patreon, but couldn’t find one. Seeing as this is a site I get a lot of use from, I would like to find a way to support it that doesn’t solely involve the store, dealing with interstitial/overlay video and static ads, or affiliate links.

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