Jen Wang's "The Prince and the Dressmaker": a genderqueer graphic novel that will move and dazzle you

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I love Jen Wang’s work: her debut graphic novel Koko Be Good was thought-provoking and challenging and beautiful; “In Real Life,” her adaptation of my story Anda’s Game took the tale to places that delighted and surprised me – today, Firstsecond publishes The Prince and the Dressmaker, which I believe will be her breakout graphic novel.


Gary Tyrrell raised an interesting point about some really ugly ignorance of history that unnecessarily got incorporated into the book (spoilers involved).


" (…) in future printings change Belgium to literally anything else."

I agree, you don’t want any allusion of Leopold II in your romantic stories. I suggest Syldavie, this is a fake kingdom in Tintin.

BTW the art look great, and the story cute, I will try to read it.
Boing Boing should do more indie comics review !


It would be interesting to find out if the author looked in to Belgium’s colonial history when writing the book.

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