First Time At The Table is an affordable way to setup your first remote D&D game (and learn how to play)

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Thanks for highlighting this work by Walt McGough with playwrights to introduce them to the collective storytelling component of Dungeons & Dragons. This particularly overlapping ven diagram is new to me and quite exciting because I have a number of writer friends who don’t get D&D as collective storytelling and I’d love to be able to share about D&D with them using the lens that it sounds like McGough has developed. Is there any article he’s written or summary of the workshop “he developed a workshop to teach the other playwrights how to use Dungeons & Dragons to expand their skills and repertoire as writers.”

I did a little googling and couldn’t find anything by him on that intersection, but its also tricky to google for :-).



I just bit the bullet and asked a group of friends if they wanted to try out D&D. I pretty much internalized the nerd sigma it had in the late 90s. I thought, maybe one or two would say yes, but we’re now gonna start with 1 dm and 7 players all pretty excited to start playing.

Makes me wish I had come out of the D&D closet sooner!


While it’s nice to introduce new players to a hobby who are hesitant, don’t know where to start, and setting things up on their own seems intimidating, the headline of this article calling it “affordable” strikes me as odd. There’s a plethora of free resources available, dozens of youtube channels dedicated to onboarding new players (and new DMs), plenty of meeting places online with dice rollers, and even so many virtual tabletop services I’ve lost count. Basic Rules and SRD content is explicitly free. And the cost being $45 per person for a 3 hour session, compared to $0, can really be out of reach for a lot of people.

As convenient, helpful, encouraging, or otherwise wonderful this service might be, I definitely wouldn’t lead with “affordable”.


Ah, yeah, that’s fair. I was thinking of it as affordable as far as paying for a personal service is concerned. But yes, point taken!

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