Fish don't need no stinking eyes


At first I thought echolocates was something you sent on valentines day if your wife doesn’t like flowers.

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There was an interesting link in the comments:
Restoring sight in blind cavefish
One can take cavefish from different cave systems and their offspring will sometimes have sight because the fish from different cave systems have “achieved” blindness by losing the function of different genes.


I find it interesting that many cave fish lack eyes, but the super deep sea fish have giant eyes. Both with no environmental light.

The deep sea fish use their giant eyes to look at bio-luminescent organisms, which seems to be a lot of the animals in the deep sea. I suppose the small river/pond fish that cave fish come from don’t have bio-luminescence and neither does their food.

So cave environment: really nothing to look at.
Deep sea environment: lots of glowey animals to look at.

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An interesting puzzle is that bioluminescence is common in the ocean, but you don’t find any in freshwater, even deep ancient lakes like Baikal that seem like they would be similar. There is one exception, a limpet from New Zealand creeks called Latia neritoides, so it’s certainly not impossible.


What do you call a fish with no eyes? Fsh!


Well, if noone else is gonna call it, I got dibs on “The Power of Fishface” as a band name.

‘Where we’re going we don’t need eyes to see.’

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Hmm, perhaps duckface has some unconscious-lizard-brain-function in positioning a camera for taking selfies.

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