'Fistful of Vengeance' the 'Wu Assassins' feature-length movie was a ton of fun

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I liked it, but considering the talent on screen, it should have been better. Fistful of Vengeance is perhaps unfortunately close to A Fistful of Yen or maybe that’s just me; considering how long it’s been, it probably is just me.

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It’s still not clear to me if Netflix canceled the show itself, as there’s been no word. It seems perfectly within Netflix normal operating procedure to cancel the show and then do a spin-off movie. Maybe they’re waiting to see how well the supposedly independent movie does before renewing the show…

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To me they really didn’t sell the hits, and there weren’t any overcommitted misses or midstation grabs that would need scene grips or construction, so it looked like one style of wushu cosplay (but generous wide shots and no disjoint scenes) the whole way through. Here, look at this $gunplay_scene with like 4 snipers on each side in a domestic movie from the oughts, it’s in a chop sockey movie or it’s not, but there isn’t one sniper on camera or not whose second is a short dagger. Also, the waterfront retreat has no forest in back, just Jeep parking. I don’t know what the film’s budget for planting teak in the city was, but it came out modest.

Maybe I didn’t stay past the credits to see the boss fight with frost wizard end, or Congestion Fees for the car chases. Is there a massive fee for native traffic B-roll in Thailand?


I apologise to wu assassin fans but honestly thiis is a terrible film and everything that iss wrong with modern story telling. The filming itself - good quality. The choreography - well done. The soundtrack - not bad at times (cheesy but ok)

To the bad.

The plot and script - absolutely terrible, as bad as it gets. Ridiculous. The editting is apalling (there is a shot where they are crawling away from an ‘exploding vehicle’ where they are so far away, it is ludicrous. Never, ever, should have made the cut. The dialogue is almost non existent and horrendously cheesy, and weak when it appears. The acting is shocking but a lot has to be put down to the writting which is rock botttom. They may have done better, if they were given at least a half decent script.

It is comically terrible. I have recommended it to people (as a joke) to see how long they can last. It is a clear indication that action movies have completely lost their way.

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