Fantastic Four director slams his own movie

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Considering it was made because fox needed to so they’d keep the rights…


Given the success of the previous two films you think they’d just let the rights lapse.


Dickwaving contest. Then again maybe they considered it cheaper this way or want to hold the rights ransom because ‘hey marvel should be flush with cash. they should pay us big huge bookoo bucks.’


They never make any new supers any more. These movies aren’t for kids, they’re for aging boomers to wax nostalgic about their youth. When I was a kid, Batman and Spiderman were everything, but Superman was a little old-fashioned.

What will happen when today’s kids grow up? They can’t re-re-re-imagine their parents’ fantasies. Will they be stuck with endless Minions remakes? Maybe Shrek: The Return?


…a woefully misguided attempt to translate a classic comic series without the humor, joy, or colorful thrills that made it great.

That sounds like almost every superhero film made since the Dark Knight trilogy. The only question is which movie will put the final nail in the genre’s coffin. (My money is on Batman vs. Superman.)

Oh well. Cowboy movies are probably overdue for a revival anyway.


Already happening in Japan with Sailor Moon Crystal. Kids that grew up with the original manga and cartoon grown up and wanting a re-imagining. Then theres the Captain Harlock that came out a bit back. Astroboy got a makeover at least once, I think…

…and here i thought Japan escaped the whole 'let’s recycle the old heroes ENDLESSLY FOREVER shit american comics have been doing from the very begining.

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Or another Blueberry movie?

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“which mounts a promising ensemble character drama before completely
falling apart in a hot mess of truncated plot and empty CGI action.”

So… just like what happened with Amazing Spiderman 2.

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The film ends just before the third act where all the character build up should pay off. There are so many threads left hanging I’m almost convinced they did it on purpose. Apparently no one on the special effects team has ever seen a human face before and the producers and editors were so taken aback by all this new-fangled digital technology they just spent their hours staring in awe at the 2 decades old avid bay without trying any actual ideas.

They threw more shit at the screen than the director threw at the condo walls the studio evicted him from.

Someone at the studio with more power than sense somehow thinks this travesty in some way constitutes a giant fuck you directed at Marvel and not the death knell for their career.

WTAF did I just just watch!?


I got through about five minutes of the new Sailor Moon. It is completely indistinguishable from the original, and the original was awful. (My son loved her when he was about 5, so I endured a lot of episodes.)

Shoulda hired Gen Urobuchi.


Just about every popular anime out right now in Japan is a new series with the exception of Dragon Ball and Jojo, but then those are as ingrained in the Japanese psyche as Simpsons are in the US.

The problem is that your exposure to Japanese culture is through 30-40 something Western Otaku.

Every F.F. movie has sucked. And why you may ask?

Doctor Victor Von Doom.
Mechanical/Scientific Genius: Check
Mis-guided in his attempts to save his mother: Check
His deeds led him into a Mechanical Suit: Check
Has “Mystical” powers: Check

Look at what they did for Ironman and yet they cannot get Doom even remotely right?!?
If you can’t get the F.F.'s number one nemesis right what hope can you have for the rest.

I still don’t understand why he’s not a bigger part of the marvel movie universe. Hell, He was such a great character that “Uncle George” Stole him and made Darth Vader.


So doesn’t this hissy fit kind of tank any chance for this up and coming director to ever work with another studio again?

The studios probably scripted it.

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enfant terrible…

IMO he put Darkseid in Doom’s armour.

All the more reason to release the Rodger Croman version…


Seems unlikely since he tried deleting his account to back track it, but if true he’d better get a movie deal for falling on the sword like that.

What an ego-douche, “It would have received great reviews”. OK there, Donald Trump.