Fitbit Force


I don’t quite see the benefit over the One, though - it’s got the same sensors, and I find the coin pocket form factor more convenient than an armband.

If you wear a wristwatch but don’t wear a fancy one, it means one less gadget to hoik around

It’s good to see that the wrist monitor device in Dave Eggers’s “The Circle” is in active development. I’m going to Zing this to all of my friends.

I have found it to be the tragic truth that buying the supplies that I would need, were I what I wanted to be, has never gotten me any closer to being what I wanted to be.

Never lessens the temptation, though.

If I just by some organization gear at Staples, maybe my deskt won’t be a total mess. Maybe that copy of The Book of PF 2nd ed. will get me off my ass about firewall configuration.

That old Arduino Uno didn’t make me do anything neat; but maybe a more powerful BeagleBone Black will…

I hate falling for trivial illusions that I can see even as I walk right into them.


If a One or other tracker hasn’t helped you, I doubt this will!

I had a One that I found really did help me focus on how much exercise I was getting (or not). Even though I don’t need to calorie count I found that I was anyway - and found some interesting stuff our. Unfortunately my One escaped on the tube and I couldn’t afford to replace it, especially as it’d likely do exactly the same

For me the Force has all the features of the One that the Flex is missing, with a form factor that wan’t disappear without me noticing.

I’m just hoping they come to the UK before Xmas…

Sleep tracking for one. If you don’t sleep clothed, you don’t have anything to hook the One to. Also I’ve seen complaints from people that the One is easy to lose or to forget to put on. So it depends on what works for the particular person. I wouldn’t look at the armband models as the next generation over the traditional models but rather an alternative to serve people with different preferences.

I bought a Flex a little over a month ago so of course they come out with a new model. It’d be nice to have the altimeter other models have since I hike in the mountains a lot but it’s good enough for now. This is a relatively new market category and I expect there will be lots of improvements coming out rapidly over the next few years. The next generation will likely include features of competitors like the Basis watch while keeping the slim form factor.

Fair enough - I don’t really like having things on my wrists, so I’m probably not the target audience for this (or for wristwatches).

Well, the One comes with an armband thing for sleep tracking - nothing you’d walk around with in public, but it works fine for that. Of course, having an all-day armband is easier if you don’t mind wearing one while awake; ref. what you said about different preferences…

Has anyone worn this yet? The strap closure looks totally janky.
I have the Fitbit One and love it except for the ‘money clip’ sort of hook attachment. It has stretched to the point of being worthless; it’s constantly slipping off my clothing. I’m surprised Fitbit hasn’t stepped up its game in terms of accessory offerings. I would love to see…something, I guess. I’m not sure what the perfect placement of my Fitbit would be.

The band for the Force is the same as the Flex, which I have. It’s remarkable only in that it’s pretty much forgettable. I wear it while sleeping, hiking, and climbing and so far haven’t had an issue with it coming off. One day I was using a chisel to pull up tile and while it stayed on, it kept switching to sleep mode so I had to take it off until I was done. But for the most part, it is nondescript and stays out of the way. It does under count steps if I’m using a hiking pole or pushing a shopping cart. I suspect the Fitbit One would work better in those situations.

I am still searching for an offline fitness tracker that does not transfer my data to the cloud. One that does calculations on my computer or my phone. And i would like to access the raw data for visualizations. Does anyone know if there’s such a solution?

I don’t know of anything off hand that keeps your data only locally but for the second part of your question, Microsoft HealthVault lets you access your data in various raw formats (CSV, XML, etc). Many of the more popular exercise tracking devices will sync your data into HealthVault each day, at which point you can download and manipulate it.

I lost my device even after wearing it, as Fitbit recommends, with the face of the One in towards your body instead of out. After that expensive mistake, I switched to just leaving it in the bottom of my pocket. Since it syncs wirelessly, it can stay with my wallet until it needs charging. If you wear one, the One supposedly works well on bras, too.

When my Ultra’s clip broke, a a $5 velcro pouch designed to attach the Nike+ device to shoe laces picked up at the local mega-sporting goods store worked well enough on my belt.

I think the Fitbit Force is pretty darn cute, and has a lot more applications and features that my Nike+ Fuelband SE. Just check out the specs, its not just pretty. It works,

Even though I don’t particularly care about tracking my exercise (other than for curiosity purposes), I still kinda lust after one of these. I have no idea why.

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