Fixing your phone is a game of roulette


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“Has shrank”?


Maybe, “has schrank”…?


kühlschrank, man


Has shank!


In order to organize our thoughts, I think we need to give this awful copyrighter a name. Maybe his name should be Shrank.


Getting fixed up with Max Schrenck is a game of strip poker



In all seriousness, iFixit makes great toolkits and their teardown posts and free repair guides are a wonderful community service (even if part of their purpose is to plug their products).

This particular kit isn’t of much use to me, but I use the hell out of my old Pro Tech Toolkit.


My phone screen is cracked and I was considering replacing it myself (£30 instead of £70+). I got 14 minutes through an 18 minute YT tutorial (with lots of sped-up sequences) before giving up on that idea. I really don’t think I have the patience.

Looks like replacing the battery should be simpler though.


Mein Kühlschrank ist am coolsten:


I did a phone screen couple years ago, it wasn’t that bad. But I just tried to replace the USB socket on a Moto and that was impossible.


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