Kickstarting the Makerphone: an open-source hardware phone kit, programmable with python and Scratch


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It’s too bad that it’s nigh impossible to tear an old cell phone down to the ground and then rebuild.

Hm. Scratch. Go a bit further, install Squeak, and you’d have a Dynaphone.


But will it blend?


Sounds pretty great. I wish the phone was functional enough to replace my daily dialer.

I almost want to buy just the tools kit. (I know, I could easily go find the items myself)


Not the same thing, but I thought I’d mention it here:

Ethically sourced components and modular, which means you can replace just about everything yourself, including, yes, you guessed it, the battery.
I’ve pretty much decided that this is my next phone, in spite of the mediocre reviews.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 also has a replaceable battery (it’s US$14 on Amazon, the battery I mean). It’s a little bit long in the tooth as mobile phones go, but it’s still excellent on LineageOS.




Exactly, this sounds like it will be an excellent educational tool!


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