Flagpole explodes when it touches power line

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I noticed at least 3 people that fell over. Not good.

ETA @frauenfelder what I said above and as @davide405 said best guess is they didn’t live.


My preliminary estimate, at least three fatalities :sob:


ah, so BB is “r/watchpeopledie” now? awesome.


People die in this video. This is not appropriate content.


Same here. Looks like three people died there. Similar thing happened at a scouting event several years ago. http://www.nytimes.com/2005/07/27/us/questions-remain-as-scouts-try-to-deal-with-four-deaths.html?_r=0
Electricity is lethal . Whenever you are camping or at open air festivals, you should watch out for this kinda stuff. Especially in the third world where electrical safety standards can be “flexible”!!!


I should have clicked the comments before watching the video. Not nice.


The video didn’t load for me on BB, i just get blank space on the page so i clicked the “Via” link which directs to Reddit, and sure enough it clearly tags the video as WARNING: DEATH and NSFW. Why not include that here in the BoingBoing post Mark?


Hey, I just watched a full-size autoplaying .gif of 3-5 people dying. Not an ‘I hope nobody was hurt too badly’ thing, but an actual ‘holy shit, look at those four dudes fall over like sacks of meat’ thing. The ‘via’ link is a /r/WTF link that, when followed, requires an 18+ verification and has a giant ‘WARNING: DEATH’ label on it. I know it’s your ballgame around these parts and all but… that’s kinda shitty, right?


Related to the Reddit post, but totally off-topic. Apparently drone motors can be used as voice modulators/speakers, the post in question was in answer to someone joking that the drone was saying Nope after the pole got lit up.

“You know its funny, technically quadcopters are able of having a voice via their motors. It uses high frequency pulses to turn the outer metal cylinder of the motor into a voice coil and it’s able to generate sounds that way - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxS4nKm0ha4

Found that really interesting, hopefully someone else here thinks so too.

We’ve removed the embed on our side, since (as pointed out) we’re not entirely sure of the disposition of those involved.


The worst I so far regret seeing were chinese CCTV footage of people rolling a metal scaffold into a power line, they simply stopped moving, slumped a little and started to smoke. I can somewhat see this as a way to warn poeople to look up and dont get close to powerlines but you dont do that with “cool explosion” headlines, it even gets me to wonder if someone found it fun to see paniced people throwing themselves from the explosion.

Thanks @orenwolf. I appreciate this.

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