Watch lightning strike annihilate telephone pole


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Lightning strike obliterates telegraph pole:
Telegraph pole? What is this, old timey times?


England’s gonna’ England.


Watch lightning strike annihilate telephone pole

I think this title is a taunt to get someone to say it’s missing the word and.


After Brexit, does the rest of the world have to put up with their shit anymore?


I live in 'Merica, I haven’t put up with England since 1776! #yeehaw!


Yeah! They’ve had to put up with ours since then.


This is probably God throwing a fit after missing those two Aussies a couple days ago.


That pole is not a “telegraph” pole or a “telephone” pole. It’s an electric power pole carrying two conductors, a high-voltage “primary” conductor near the top and a ground conductor a few feet below the primary. The ground conductor is physically grounded to ground rod; the primary it typically in the range 10 to 20 Kilovolts.



I said phasers on STUN!!


You wretched Pole!


Even more so, I’m afraid. We’ll be insufferable.


That exploded pole was here in Chicago. We had a great lightning storm Sunday.

Here’s a link to a train platform getting blasted.

@JimCantore - just saw this, unbelievable

— Isles OfErin (@IslesofErin) July 25, 2016


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