Man struck by lightning while sitting at his office desk


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Quick, someone check his social media to see if he was atheist trolling on facebook.


This can happen via phone lines also:


Rumor is he now has the power to sense from anywhere when someone in his family has left the lights on after leaving a room.


True, it can happen, but if you have one of the old carbon block lighting arrestors properly wired into your phone system, or are on FIOS, you aren’t likely to get lightning through your phone lines.

So basically only if your phone service isn’t really old or really new.


Thx! I’ll investigate further 'fore I get frizzle-fried.


Or maybe it’s the ability to make a simple repair sound like a complicated, expensive and necessary matter…


Shocking, just shocking.


That’s a shame about the guy not developing any powers. Along the same lines, my dad was bitten by a bat last summer and has yet to manifest any special powers. Sometimes I feel like the comic book industry has been lying to us about this type of thing.


Provided you have all of the old wires removed. When I upgraded to fiber, I had all of the coax (Comcast, RCN, one other I can’t remember) removed as well as the old copper pair. When I asked the FIOS installer to remove them, he asked me “why bother?” I didn’t give him an answer, I just slipped him a twenty. He didn’t ask again. Also, getting rid of all those wires allowed me to seal up my basement a little tighter.


Ow My Hand Hurts Man to the rescue!



He throws the gingerest of punches!


Good luck for him that he wasn’t attending to any toileting activities…my god his poor lightning rod would be all aquiver.


There have been rare cases where victims of cerebral injury or affliction, after losing – say – one capacity (due to the cerebral incident), have sprouted other capacities, such as a preternaturally heightened sense of smell, ‘eagle-like’ vision, or greatly improved memory. Dig into the works of Oliver Sacks.


My great grandmother was once on the phone and it was struck by lightening… it didn’t kill her, but it knocked her across the room, apparently.


Yeah I had a friend who would hang up on me if I called him during a storm. He could have just not answered the phone but he liked to make a point of it I think,


That’s one tough granny!!


She must have been, she raised my no-shit-taking, control freak grandmother!


Sounds like your friend’s urge to ‘instruct’ you was stronger than his fear of being zapped.

“How dare you expect me to risk answering the phone during a storm… as I have just… done.”