Watch: Man catches explosive lightning strike that destroys his yard


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@Carla_Sinclair you might want to say catches on video…
I parsed that as he actually caught the lightning which would be bad.


Look out!


Damn - I thought my speakers were off.


“He immediately headed for cover indoors…”

And changed his pants, I imagine.


Yeah, I think I’d die of cardiac arrest right on the spot.



Twas but a scratch…


He immediately headed for cover indoors

Nope. It took him 15 seconds, which is 15 seconds more than what I would’ve taken. Also, no screams and cursing?


I see They didn’t expect the NPCs to glimpse this sort of thing as it happens. Notice how the simulation doesn’t render the smoke quite right. :grinning:

Actually, it’s pretty good.


Thing is, we didn’t see what his deck looked like before the lightning strike. It might’ve always been a smoking, debris laden ruin with missing handrails and huge chunk blown out of the floor.


I take it back:


Came for the Zeus jokes. Am not disappoint.

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