Lightning hits a car going down the street, then it gets creepy


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You’re supposed to reach 88 mph to activate the flux capacitor and achieve time travel. This car only managed to summon the dark shadow people with their slow speed.


Nothing a little SCE to AUX won’t fix.


I’d love to know the story behind this. Very strange :slight_smile:


Read some commentary over at Reddit suggesting this wasn’t lightning but rather some sort of fireworks explosion. Lightning strikes don’t usually generate that kind of smoke w/o something sulfurous to burn.


Flash mob!



They were returning from their corncob run and the ‘zombies’ came for the instant popcorn.


Yeah, doesn’t look like lightning at all.

Here’s the thread on Reddit:


Get out!

(Actually, I’m just jealous you beat me to that pun :zipper_mouth_face: )


then it gets creepy

Reminds me of something I heard about Russian literature, after any horrible event would come “and then things got worse”.


traditional Quechua, Aymayra, and Callahuaya protocol demands that people struck by lightning be killed because they offend the mountain spirits.


Came for this. Leaving with faith in humanity temporarily restored.


Zombies? That was AAA roadside assistance.



Maybe a Jewish Orthodox part of town?


I wonder what they did to piss off Zeus? I mean, that bolt went right for that car, it did not pass go, it did not arc towards the much taller, more conductive stuff around said car…


You think AAA arrives that fast?


As I’m told by my Russian friends, all of it.


Has the footage been confirmed as real? Not a staged piece, and not CGI of some kind? Something about it just doesn’t look right.