Lightning nearly strikes a car

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based on the accent on the radio, and the eucalyptus trees in the background, it’s somewhere in Australia




God’s stage magic.

“Watch as I almost smite this person.”




But cars are relatively safe from lightning on account of the non-conductive tires, I think?

Yep, here:

A direct strike to your car will flow through the frame of the vehicle and usually jump over or through the tires to reach ground. Most lightning incidents to cars result in one or more flat tires and damage to the electrical system, but no injury to the occupants.

Looked like it was hit to me too.


Yep, airplanes too.

But it’s not the tires - it’s due to the metal frame that diverts electricity around you. If power lines fall on your car, don’t get out – you’re safe inside, but as soon as you get out you’ll make a circuit through you.


The video has a terrific crack of thunder

sure does. I guarantee I’d have pooped my pants if I was that driver. I know this because I was in the basement parking lot of a small building once when it was struck by lightning. out of the corner of my eye, I saw a purple arc of electricity jump from a pipe a few inches to the ground. before my mind could complete the thought: “huh, guess it was a bug-zapper or something,” the thunderclap exploded as I imagine a charge of TNT would feel; there was the deafening sound accompanied by a palpable shockwave which echoed and reverberated for a seeming eternity while my buddies and I starred into each others’ eyes–frozen, slack-jawed and dumb–seriously thinking that each other were the last things we’d ever see before the above four floors collapsed and crushed us to our doom. I’ve been in my share of sketchy situations both before and since, but that was the absolute pinnacle of terror and dread.


You missed the AC/DC in the background too.


Looks pretty fake when you play it in slow motion though.
Are we definitely sure it’s not just a prank After Effects video?
It could have been easily made to look like this.


You haven’t eaten at an Applebee’s, have you?


If you drag it a fraction of a second at a time, in the initial couple frames of the lightning strike the entire body of the car is lit up. It sure looks to me like it went through the car body and into the ground. A couple frames later the puff of smoke seems to be coming out from directly underneath the car’s rear tires.

What with the car body being conductive metal and elevated above ground level, it seems to me it would have been extremely improbable for it not to strike the car.

Edit: Assuming that it’s real and not CGI, that is.


I wonder if they said something blasphemous or heretical.


I know I would, after that.


This is from an ad for a dash cam in Australia. It may not be real. The full video is here.


. . . and the cars driving on the left side of the road.

There’s a green banner on the left that says “Bradshaw”. Is that a place?

if it was shot with a Go Pro, I’m sure they would have asked the owner for the rights to use the video too. I wouldn’t consider this evidence the video is fake just that the camera company was opportunistic

Don’t know if this one’s real, but it sure looks just like the time the same thing happened to one of my cow-orkers as he crossed the conrail line down the street. There were loads of witnesses, including myself and several other people in the cars behind him.

He said from the inside it was even cooler- all the windows lit up opaque blue-white for just a fraction of a second, which is why he pulled over immediately afterwards. Spots in his vision, he said.

Rail lines are a very good ground. Put a big piece of metal in the gap and the atmospheric discharge will route through it.


I <3 this typo. How does an orcish cow look?