Flag's Kickstarter to build the world's best photo printing facility

Looking at the comments the Android version is incoming. Sucks that Android gets relegated to 2nd release but that’s usually the case, not just in this instance.

They’ve had two years, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Android support is always “really super soon, we just need your money!”

Since the Android market share is currently two thirds of the US phones and increasing, I’m not sure why they are usually second release. Who ignores the larger user base? is it just the walled iGarden is easier to code for?

Obviously I don’t have the numbers, but how expensive do the ads have to be to make that work?

The “Kickstarter special” is presented as competitive with conventional junk mail per ad, but there is no way that is sustainable.

Of course advertisers are willing to pay a premium for more targeted ads that have a better chance of survival, but is that enough?

The reasoning i’ve seen elsewhere it’s the “it’s easier to code for”. Whether that’s the case here is not for me to say.

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I Am Not A Coder, but there are a lot fewer iPhone and iPad models than there are Android phones and tablets. There are literally thousands of Android devices with multiple iterations of Android. It’s a total pain to QA for Android.


I more often see that IOS users are more willing to pay actual money for things.


Ironic to consider for the free photo printing service :slight_smile:

But, it still makes sense if iOS users are a more affluent group who interest advertisers.

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Free to a point.

I’d still need someone to put these up side by side with Aspen Creek prints to see where the hype lands.

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Makes sense, but there are no in-app purchases that I see in their model, more of a service contract that you access via iPhone.

To get more than 20 pictures or odd shapes/borders, you need to pay.

Any print you order with fancy borders, or with more than one image, or other novel features requires a Flagship print upgrade. Though some Flagship print upgrades are free, most are not, and have to be purchased individually.

Indeed. I’m likely not the target market in any case, too much time invested in the 13x19 inkjet and various art papers to switch everything over. I might use it for snapshots, but not when it takes me months to get them. They’re competing against a company that charges a quarter and I get them tomorrow.

Well then, I wish them the best of the lucks. Me and my Android will just have to find our own way along.

I just watched the commercial, for fifty bucks on the KS you can become a Flagship (get it?!) member, which means you get your 20 prints a month free and any upgrades are free. Forever.

Does it come with a VPN?


I’m not sure how their iPhone app works. So, maybe? They have to store the photos somewhere on their side. “Forever” is their word, not mine. I mean, in Internetland Forever can be up to and including a few years or even possibly longer, depending.

Cheeky. Very, very cheeky.

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I dunno, maybe include a terabyte of “lifetime” cloud back and it would seem more credible…



What’s the best way to sharpen images?


Angle grinder and a whetstone?


You need a good stropping.