Flashback to a 1995 cyberdelic fashion show in San Francisco


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Fun! Techno Critic is probably the coolest job description I can think of.

(Vague, shuddery semi-flashbacks at “CU-See-Me over the Mbone”, even though I don’t entirely know/remember what this is. Best not to dwell on it.)


That’s all I have for this one.


A new life awaits you online! A chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure!


What is this “innernet” they keep mentioning?


Interesting to see how far we’ve come and yet how recognizable that cultural moment is… those 1995 people really don’t seem that different from 2015 people. And is their hype and marvel at what the internet can do really that much different from today?


Well, they said “World Wide Web” a lot more. Just replace that phrase with “social media” and you can transport the conversation from 1995 to 2015. I bet that “social media” will sound about as archaic in 2035 as “World Wide Web” does now.


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