FLASHBACKS of old stores, restaurants, motels, etc

What became of your favorite old Fotomat, Arby’s, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut … etc ?

See (and add to) the attached link which has After & Before pix.


FOTOMAT is a cigarette store…

Taco Bell is now Burrito Shop

McDonalds is a taco shop


Once upon a time, the only way to leave my neighborhood on foot or by car was to go under this monstrosity…

Gone, but not forgotten. :slight_smile:

(ETA reference points.)


The Taco Bell I worked at in College is a Papa John’s. Some one splashed out on some renovations to hide the classic bell shape.


I know it’s not . . .

But the top pic. reminds me of coming off the Verezono (sp?) Bridge into the city as a kid . . .???

IE: Layers & layers of steel…

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Too much gold to post for changes in Wichita, Kansas. Here’s a pinterest link of further pinterest pages.

You’ll see some real gems, like early White Castles, the first Pizza Hut (which was really delicious back in the 70s up to the mid-80s). The Historical Society clock tower, and photos of it on fire when lightning struck in 1981 (no time machines involved).* Our very own amusement park, Joyland, which has become a giant, useless lot (remember Six Flags after Katrina? Just as creepy.). The Crest Theater. Pawnee Drive-In Theater. Twin Lakes shopping center (in which the JC Penney was two stories, and had a two-sided, semicircle stairway around a large fountain where people would throw pennies).
So many gems, and changes. You just have to jump down the memory hole.

*I used to study at the Wichita Art Association. We jokingly referred to them as the Hysterical Society, and they called us the Art Assassination.

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