Flashmob choir interrupts TTIP congress

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Even for a blog that’s critical, BoingBoing’s coverage of TTIP has been incredibly shitty. I get that you’re trying to make things exciting but a bit of more precise criticism would be appreciated.


I disagree that discussion of these treaties lacks traction due to being “boring”. The problem is that discussion is actively suppressed. For example, the entertainment factor of the ideological struggles against communism in the US during the cold war was hardly an issue, because it had the backing of The State and broadcast media. I seriously doubt that if you put to people in the affected countries that the state sovereignty was being basically sold, that they would find this uninteresting or irrelevant.

Also, even if these treaties were to be enacted, this certainly does not guarantee the compliance of most people. It could very well be considered a breach of trust and conflict of interest on behalf of elected officials. If they violate the charters that these officials serve under, they might be seen as having nullified their authority to enact such treaties.

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