To save free trade, kill TPP

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This conclusion is nothing new to me. It was already pretty obvious that TPP and TTIP had nothing to do with free trade. Their secrecy and close involvement with corporate interests, while keeping social interest groups and indeed democratic parliaments out the door, makes clear enough who it serves. Provisions like the private courts to sue countries over democratic laws has nothing to do with free trade, and everything with undermining democracy to protect the corporate bottom line.

The fact that so many national governments are seriously considering this is by itself distressing. It means that our own (somewhat) democratically elected governments don’t care for democracy.


I couldn’t agree more. one critical detail which is left out of anything public is the enforcement provisions of the TPP. One thing I notice from the WikiLeaks leak is that all Internet Service Providers iwill be liable for copyright infringement if the Americans get their way. what this means is that all outside sources of free books will be blocked. This is the perfect way to stifle intellectual freedom and interfere with scientific and technical progress in the US…

in addition this is fascistic legislation because its seeds sovereignty to corporate based courts which are due to decide on the legality of regulations within the country. Mussolini and Hitler would be overjoyed if they saw this.


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