Leaked (final?) TPP Intellectual Property chapter spells doom for free speech online


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Did you ever want to play questions?

How does anyone support the TPP that isn’t being paid by big corporations?


We’re living in a Cyberpunk future. The Corps have won. I’m not sure how we were convinced this was a good idea…


From where I sit, it looked like homophobia, terrorism, and anti-abortion sentiment got in politicians that work for these corporations. Add in money, lots of money, to same politician’s re-elections, shake well with a fashionable disregard for regulations and government in all forms, and you get this outcome.


Let me ask you something. No really let me ask you something. Where were you when KORUS was introduced? It has the same Internet related provisions as the TPP and it passed in 2007. AND NO ONE’S COMPLAINING ABOUT THAT!?


I’m giving that sign to my wife for her Christmas present, she’s the svengali of secret clandestine negotiations!


You have no idea how trade agreements work do you? :unamused:


I do, and I know how to stay happily married, that’s two up on you!


If at first you don’t secede - try, try again.


Seems like @doctorow was.



And yet these people are seeing this as something new?


they don’t…all supporters are beneficiaries…


we were not told about it, the negotians were conducted in secret. wikileaks gave us a glimpse…


What you describe is terrible, ill-considered, worthy of criticism… and a damn far cry from “doom for free speech online.” But it is at least one more small victory for clickbait, a fight that Boingboing has been taking on with extraordinary passion this year.


wait until you are acquainted with all the provisions of the TPP…how it wil impact on jobs, healthcare copyright extensions etc…
many online oppose it. members of congress oppose it…B.Sanders opposes.
get behind them…



before you become a chattel…!!


the only way to secede from this is to go offworld !!


first you got to get a roomfull of plutocrats.then add “for sale” politicians.
then see to it that all citizens are busy watching “fat, renovated chefs dancing”.
job done…



hmm. Not sure anybody sees this as brand new restrictions, but it certainly expands them. There also might be something else new around here.