NYT endorses brutal, secret, Internet-destroying corporatist TPP trade-deal; write to your lawmaker to fight it




Reading the original NYT editorial, I don’t read it as an endorsement.

A Pacific Trade Deal is 6 paragraphs explaining what the Obama administration says they’re trying to achieve and some of the difficulties of making treaties in general. The last paragraph says that a good treaty would be good, but doesn’t go into specifics.

I see nothing in there that suggests the NYT has seen the treaty, and they don’t appear to want to report on speculation like the article.

I do agree that we need Congress to actually read this treaty and maybe, just maybe, act in the public interest for once, but I do not see pro-treaty bias in this Times editorial.


“Officials from the United States and 11 other countries bordering the Pacific are trying to complete a trade agreement by the end of the year that could help all of our economies and strengthen relations between the United States and several important Asian allies. But hard bargaining lies ahead.”

That’s the first sentence of the NYT editorial. Not sure how you can read that as not an endorsement.

The fact is the NYT has little idea what’s in this (non)trade deal, just like the American people. From what we know, it has very little to do with trade, and a lot to do with destroying the sovereignty of the signatory nations. Allowing corporations to sue for “lost expected profits” when a nation refuses to be pillaged is utter insanity, and is neoliberalism’s final fantasy wish come true.

That Obama is pushing so hard to pass this is the final nail in the coffin of his legacy as anything other than a plutocrat’s bag man.


It’s amazing how little publicity this thing has gotten. Kudos to the groups like Third World Network that are fighting it in the trenches every day.


If it’s good for business then it’s good for the economy, and that means JOBS!

I hope it goes through for one.

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…because every kind of business helps Americans. No business was ever unethical. No business ever preyed upon the weak. No business ever offshored American jobs.

Oh, and JOBS is good, never mind the details. Poverty-level wages are something we should all be grateful for. And when American jobs go to Myanmar, this helps Americans in some way. Well, at least it helps the top officers of multinational corporations - and really, what else matters?


Are you high? C’mon, tell me.


You, um, do realize that what you call ‘jobs’ are what businesses call ‘payroll expenses’ and regard as a necessary evil to be reduced so far as possible?


Far as I can tell, it’s for real. I’m not high, for the record.


Milo? Milo Minderbinder? Is that you? After all these years, is that really you?


I see the trolls are eating well today.


“Could” conveys lot of information. I’m not sure how you can read the entire editorial and come away with the impression that the NYT is endorsing any of the specific policies that may or may not be in the TPP. Yes, they do seem support the signing of some sort of trade agreement, but they acknowledge at the outset that “hard bargaining lies ahead.”

They also write: “Because of the broad scope of these talks, negotiators are grappling with many difficult issues. We have expressed concerns about a controversial American proposal that could limit the ability of the Trans-Pacific countries to regulate the sale of tobacco products.” Not sure how you read this as an endorsement of the treaty as proposed by the US.


Unfortunately this troll has made a home here and has wandered into multiple topics …


Yes, that’s the point of trade treaties. That could have been the first line on a Wikipedia article about trade treaties.


What are you? A communist? It’s that sort of leftist foolishness that’s destroying what was a great country. Good God. Social programs for everyone. The State will provide. How can you be so blind?


So where’s the Edward Snowden to blow the whistle on the TPP negotiation secrets? And what newspaper will he/she leak them to, since it’s obviously not going to be the NY Times?


You know that calling someone a communist, a socialist, a leftist, or a liberal on this site isn’t much of an insult, right? If I recall correctly, Cory’s parents are Marxists. I bet most people who comment here would put themselves in one of the previously mentioned groups. A good chunk of the rest might call themselves libertarians. Trade deals like the TPP are about allowing capital to move more freely while keeping labour in place.


He’s trolling. Got me good, too!


OK, good for jobs means you support it, right?

What if it’s bad for jobs?


Exactly. Remember how NAFTA was going to produce hundreds of thousands of US jobs? These are the claims made by “free trade” (read: managed trade to protect powerful market players) every time, just like they make humanitarian claims every time we drop bombs on people.

No one who can think for themselves buys any of this crap anymore, but it doesn’t matter: the government is firmly controlled by the plutocracy. Our democracy, imperfect as it was, no longer exists. Expect a huge crash within the next 3 years. Its inevitable.