New Rob Ford video: Laughable Fumblebuck drops a gigaton of F-bombs

there’s just one thing I need answered: birds?

“liars, thieves and… birds”

Birds? What the fuck does that mean?

The Baron Harkonnen would be deeply upset, probably 'did you remember that one reference to “Piter’s pain amplifiers”, because I sure do." upset, if you were comparing his leadership to Mr. Ford’s.

Really? So amusing you signed up to say it? Not the crack fuelled violent rantings of a man elected to public office and insisting on holding it, but an expression used by Cory on his blog. That’s what got you all riled up.




So, he’s just full-on Ricky now?

I think you’ve made it pretty clear you don’t read the site. I thought that was your thing, completely uninformed disagreement. Are you sure you want to change it to insulting your hosts? Because you’re not so good at it.


Among my (admittedly liberal-leaning) Torontonian friends, “laughable bumblefuck” is the term of choice. So perhaps you just aren’t running in the relevant circles.


Duly. Fucking. Noted.


Calgary primate here. Ditto. Laughabale bumblefuck really does fit well, and is used here, as well. Anything ‘higher brow’ would be far too ‘civil’ for this stain. Personally, I refer to him as Rob Fnord.

I know! Outrageous that someone would be promoting their own work on their own blog!

Well so far you’ve got the evidence that it’s annoying two other folks, and one of them has been sprouting nothing but ill-concieved rubbish here recently.


Oh! I’d been working on figuring out what was really going on around here! Wow - you might just have cracked it!


It’s a warm-up session before he goes out to talk to people. It appears to be working well, as he’s all riled up and ready to go.
Probably. ; )

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I heard it more earlier on in the Ford saga, but I think as we’re leaving “bumble”-land and entering “cluster”-territory, it seems to have fallen out of use. Maybe it’s just too lighthearted.

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Noooooooo! UR making people saaaaad! Stop it!

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I thought that too. Apparently birds is gangster slang for a nobody. Or it could be an Angry Birds reference, maybe he sides with the green pigs. Or maybe he misunderstood Trainspotting.

he’d have to lose a couple of hundred pound before he could be compared to Big Red

The first thing that came to my mind about that video is that he doesn’t sound or act drunk in the way I would expect. The man in that video looks far more like someone who’s just gotten amped up on speed/meth and is riding the diarrhea-of-the-mouth high.

7 years have passed into the mysts of time since the publication of this article in Forbes. I thought the distance of time might lend some perspective to the word “purported”.