Flat Earthers: "Australia is fake and all Australians are actors paid by NASA"

same here, wheres my dosh!!


When I was a kid, I was certain that Cleveland didn’t exist, because my father and uncle had a running joke about it not being a real city. (He’s from Pittsburgh). When I was 7 and we drive through it, I was pretty surprised.


So my work forced me to sit in a coach seat for 15 hours just to fly in circles and then take me to a sound stage where they faked my trips to our “Australian” office? I’m going to have some words with my boss Monday about wasting time and money on these NASA fakes!

/s if it wasn’t obvious


The UK didn’t create penal colonies on the other side of the planet because they didn’t have enough physical space in Europe to keep people who had broken the law (or had been accused of breaking the law).

They UK created those colonies in North America and Australia because doing so furthered the goals of an expansionist empire.


It always seems to me that if you come up with a conspiracy theory as a joke, someone will not get the joke. So there have to exist real flat earthers and “birds aren’t real” people and such who legitimately believe such things.

Humans can believe. Believing is holding/trusting some fact to be true without evidence, or perhaps in spite of evidence. Facts don’t have to be true/correct; they can be wrong. This not only seems to power conspiracy theories and religion, it also seems to be behind poor self-image.


It seems like it was a bit of both. Not all imprisoned people were criminals. Just as we see today, prisons wind up full of the poor and marginalized:


Is New Zealand also fake? Because that was my stopping off point on the trip to the South Pole. Oh, wait, that’s fake too.


Doesn’t work that way. They’ll show up and will annoyingly try to prove that you don’t exist.


You know, at first glance I just blew this idea off. But now, after thinking about it for a while, I can’t think of anyone that I’ve ever seen in a TV show or movie claiming to be from Australia that was not an actor!

(Also, does not exist and people live there :crazy_face:)


It’s very important to understand that yes, there absolutely are and they are absolutely serious about this stuff.

It’s important to understand that because people need to be aware of how far people can be misled by motivated reasoning and echo chambers, and thus how important teaching critical thinking is. Flat Earthers are the symptom of a disease our society has.

That said, this specific instance (as others have said) is not real. It was a parody of those people that Poed its way into the mainstream.

For a good look at their community and how serious they really are, I recommend Oh No Ross And Carrie’s deep dive:


Unfortunately so, I happen to know one.
Not as a friend, but an acquaintance from my local watering hole.
He is convinced that if the planet were round, we’d all fly off into space.
In arguing gravity, he explained that things fell to the ground simply because they were ‘heavier than air’.
I haven’t seen him in a while, thankfully, as I have less solid walls to bash my head against.


If “Capricorn One” teaches us anything its that if the Flat Earthers were really onto something they’d have all been “disappeared” by now. Or maybe they’re hoping NASA will pay them to shut up.


The documentary Behind the Curve is another good primer on the community.

The most unexpected part of that film for me was how it showed that Flat-Earthers are actually pretty good at designing scientific experiments to test their theories—they just invariably reject the results of those experiments when they don’t turn out to be what they hoped for.


There’s an idiot on youtube who thinks certain weird animals are all fake, and if you see them at zoos its all animatronics.

I follow a few people who debunk flat earthers, like Sci Man Dan. It’s kinda sad because i think a lot of these people are genuinely curious - or at least start out that way, but don’t have a base line ability to do the science. (These are the people on white boards drawing diagrams and models that don’t reflect reality, but “make sense” to them.) Or like Brainspore above pointed out, when they DO do the science, reject the results.

Some of them I think are just deep into the grift as “experts” that they can’t give it up, and others are too deep into the cult and confirmation bias that they can’t consider the alternative.

The best self own was when Bob Knodel got a $20,000 laser gyroscope and measured the earths 15 degree per our drift.


“From around the globe” is what the Decievers want you to think!

We prefer the terminology “from across the stretch,” thank you very much.



No, the genuine article definitely does exist. You must not underestimate either the unfathomable stupidity of some people, or the burning desire of other people to be special and in the know.


“From the four corners of the Earth” is also a popular one, at least among those stupid enough to believe in a square flat Earth, which is of course absurd.

It is obviously shaped like a plate.


This is a counter-trolley, isn’t it? Like the Birds Aren’t Real thing?


Well, duh