Fleen's stark generative art would make wonderful wallpaper

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I can’t quite explain why I love John Greene / Fleen’s generative computer art so much.

Ain’t no mystery: snowflakes rock, dude!

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They remind me a bit of these:

They are constant area “rectangulations” solving a kind of discrete partial differential equation with boundary conditions.


I find your lack of second sources for Imperial Wallscreen and setpieces after ___ ___ by Chris Evans, Michael Pangrazio, Frank Ordaz, Harrison Ellenshaw, and Ralph McQuarrie (apparently, per WikiPedians) disturbing. You have failed to spill coffee, or whatever that is there, on doilies which are also awesome papercraft starfighters for the -last- time. I plan to send for prints of…lots, go nuts. [Casual gauntlet air clench.]

[Throws down a copy of Wallpaper Magazine] Does everything in this issue look like dangercube but before it was folded up and de-rezzed for film? I’m going to go voice a new Red Sun game. [Heads out on majestic 6’ longboard with a copy of Super Bored Machinist: Refit a SSD To Old CNC]

[Much later: in front of a console keyboard laid out like that.] I sense a…the start button’s in here somewhere. Next Death Thing, it’s going to be just one button.

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