'Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie inks deal with Fox for animated series "set in the world of NASA"


I don’t know why, I guess the picture, I really wanted this to be a story about him robbing a store for meth supplies.


I hope every episode follows this formula;

First 3/4 of show: demoralizing comedy associated with bureaucracy, engineer personalities etc…
Then ends on an uplifting note; Voyager, Mars Rover, Science Payload launch, successful work with private space firm etc…

While I may have an overly romantic view of our space program, I really don’t want that taken away from me with more cynical comedy.


What? Broken dreams of flight and the false promise of a Space Age never to come? HILARIOUS!

Sounds a lot like The Dish. On this show, perhaps there will be cows instead of sheep. McKenzie must be so tired of sheep by now.

Demoralized, deteriorating NASA? Sounds like Wings of Honneamise.

To keep it true to life it probably needs to be more like the first 7/8 of the show.

Flight of the Conchords is about dirt-poor characters in a crappy NYC apartment with pathetic friends and love lives and poor prospects for the future.

But - it’s one of the least-cynical modern shows there is! It’s a beautiful and wonderful show, in no small part for that reason. If this show has a similar tone - and I see no reason why it shouldn’t - it should definitely be worth a look.

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