Race cars, lasers, aeroplanes, the new DuckTales title sequence is a duck-blur


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DuckTales reboot is on the way

Man looking forward to this being a good show, i hope it is. Maybe they’ll redo Tail Spin and Darkwing Duck.


The intro is OK, and I’m glad they kept the song, but geeeeez… The Whoo-oo really needed to be up an octave or something, it just isn’t high enough, and thus not prominent enough. The nephews have weird-shaped heads. We shall see…


I cannot say I love the animation style. It feels a lot like the new Ben10 cartoon’s style which blech.

Too much Donald, I hope he isn;t a regular on the show. And does anyone else find Mrs. Beakly looks like Zap from American Gladiators?


It very much reminds me of the Uncle Scrooge comics. It’s not the exact style but it’s very comic book like.


They should have just stuck with this:


As a huge fan of the original and the Barks comics, I’m super looking forward to this. I love the new designs, especially the ridiculously Scottish Glomgold, the new stacked Ms Beakley, and the nephews. There’s lots of little bits throughout this that are homages to the comics, so I have faith that the folks behind this are going to deliver a good show.


The cast alone looks very good. I hope they do as well with this as they did with Gravity Falls.


I’m particularly digging the new Webby design. Good to see her not looking stereotypically girly.


Webby’s design comes courtesy of Dana Terrace, one of the directors on the show and a former animator/storyboarder on Gravity Falls. She’s pretty awesome.


Gotta love Andre’s reaction to this.

Also David Tennent as Scrooge.


The art style also jams with the style of the Mickey animated shorts they’ve been releasing for the past few years, which are really great. The styles of that and Ducktales aren’t the same but they’re similar enough to be cohesive.


Andre is a delight :slight_smile:

I will admit that I wasn’t super jazzed about the animation style when they posted the “first look” video a few months ago, but it’s definitely grown on me after seeing the intro and the character vignettes. It fits well with the comic book aesthetic they seem to be going for, and I’m extremely pleased that it looks like it’s still being hand-drawn (not that there’s anything wrong with Flash animation, it’s just nice to see The Old Ways sticking around). Between the awesome intro and the amazing cast list, I’m really looking forward to this new iteration.

I saw the intro when it hit Twitter on Wednesday and it made me want to re-watch the DuckTales movie (so I did). I knew she wasn’t the greatest character in the original show, but good gracious was she terribly written. I was pleased as punch when she whipped out her grappling hook here. And Mrs. Beakley is freaking swole; someone elsenet pointed out that it looks like she’s wearing Darkwing Duck’s vest too, which is cool. If this show ends up going well, I’d actually love to see a DW reboot in the same style.


A lot of nice details : the Carl Barks references, the hawk skull of the mummy, it feel like a well crafted show made by passionate peoples.


Man I love that new Mickey Mouse series the comic timing is so spot on in most of them.


I rewatched the one i posted above and it is much much funnier than i remember it being. They’re amazingly well done and they’re just as good (if not better) than any of the old Mickey cartoons.


I love this one:


I love this! Miss Beakley looks like she can throw a punch!


The info that has been released so far indicates that the new show is much less episodic than the original and the new story has to do with how Donald and Scrooge used to adventure together all the time and now don’t. Donald is now a main character rather than an occasional appearance.


I like the art style, but the song is just a low energy version of the original.