Watch David Tennant and the new cast of DuckTales sing the show’s theme song

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  1. I have not seen a single bit of the original. Why do I know this song?

  2. Excellent cast…for any show.


Did you see the movie? or a trailer for the movie?

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Memories. I was older than the target audience when this came out, but still liked the show.


As someone who watched tons of the original (and was/is a huge Carl Barks fan), the idea of a reboot didn’t thrill me until I saw the folks involved, from the stellar voice cast to the director Dana Terrace (of Gravity Falls and this adorable short).


I’m thinking maybe I remember it from commercials. That’s my best guess.

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Yay, the Purple Man is Scrooge McDuck!

As long as they keep drawing from the work of Rosa and Barks (and why on Earth wouldn’t they?) I can see no way this can go wrong.


Too lazy find out are they adapting Don Rosa stuff for this one?

Damnit, I’d just managed to get this song out of my head after hearing it a the weekend. Thanks boingboing :frowning:

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