So, Chip 'N Dale get a reboot on Disney +

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That looks… excruciating, I think is the word.


Hard pass. I love Chip n Dale and this is… a nightmare.


I much prefer the Goofy Gophers from Warner Bros



Odd also because the most recent Disney take on those characters was basically a return to their roots as tree-dwelling, acorn-munching anthropomorphic rodents who speak in rapid, high-pitched just-barely-comprehensible voices.


I had really thought this would be building on success of the new Ducktales, which honestly did a really good job, and even featured rescue rangers in one episode. But this is…well, something decidedly different.


So, they really did not get their money’s worth with Samberg and Mulaney on this. The voices are an iconic part of the characters and, while the animation looks like an interesting and experimental departure, the voices just don’t fit. They jar too much with what the characters mean in my head. It just feels like I’m trying to match the voices with the figures and failing to the point that it’s mildly upsetting.


An apt summary of this abysmal cartoony.

The DuckTales reboot had some fun references to TaleSpin, Darkwing Duck and even Gummi Bears too. For the most part they seemed to find the right balance between respecting the source material and updating it for a modern audience.

This movie preview just feels like it’s mocking something that GenXers used to love and hoping the meta-humor will carry the day. I think the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie from 2000 tried to do something similar but I could never bring myself to watch it.

God help us when Disney finally gets around to reviving Gargoyles as long as they’re mining their 1990s properties for more cash. I imagine they’ll probably do an ill-advised live action version full of off-putting CGI.


This needs no reboot.



One of the worst trends in animated films over the last quarter century has been the tendency to cast famous names as voice actors to sell movie tickets even when those actors aren’t suited for the roles. Heck, they used Jackie Chan as a voice actor in an English language movie where almost none of the other characters spoke with pronounced Chinese accents just because they knew audiences would associate him with kickass Kung-Fu moves.

On the other hand the casting for Encanto was great even though most of the cast weren’t household names, so perhaps they’re starting to learn again?




kinda funny that they are finally just admitting the Indiana Jones connection. i wonder if they also point out the Magnum P.I. one. anyway, this is just… weird. i prefer the originals, but i’m an old.


It seems many commenters are comparing this to Roger Rabbit, which seems like a bit of a stretch. Others are frustrated that Disney seems to be dismissing Bonkers, one of the more obscure Disney series that seems to be much more thematically appropriate, in that it already deals with a once-prominent cartoon character obliged to enter law enforcement in a world where cartoons co-exist with reality. Or something. (I can’t say I ever watched Bonkers and I suspect many would say the same.)

But some say the test screenings performed well, so I’m looking forward to this. Maybe it’s not unthinkable that they could still bring Ducktales back for a fourth season if it tangentially drums up enough interest? (Surely if Futurama can come back yet again, anything is possible?)

Also, the absence of Gadget in the trailer is conspicuous, and there are definitely some very weird places they could go with that.

The real surprise was when they threw in the Wuzzles, of all things.

I recall contemporary reviews regarded it rather favorably.


I love meta humor and I have a Disney+ subscription so yeah I’ll check it out.


Right! I always felt it was Magnum + Indiana, with the dress code showing the clear references.


Huh. Rotten Tomatoes says different, but again I never saw it.

I think Roger Rabbit works so well because it’s a love letter of sorts to the Golden Age of animation and old Hollywood in general, while simultaneously acting as a sendup of Hollywood’s seedy side.

Dale’s “I got CGI surgery” gag was almost the same joke as Betty Boop struggling to find work in a post-color-film world, but with Betty it was also a near-tear-jerking moment that spoke to the callous way the industry would cast aside actresses of the silver screen once they outlasted their youthful sex appeal.


THANK YOU I agree!!

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It helps to have David Tennant on your cast…

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especially if he’s using his actual accent instead of doing RP…

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Or is playing a demon…

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That man is awesome…

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Shouldn’t Chip 'N Dale be given a similar reinvention for today’s era as they experienced in the 80s?

The Monkalorians? :man_shrugging: