Mickey and Minnie speak Thai in retro cartoon short "Our Floating Dreams"

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My 5-year-old son discovered these on Youtube and I had a hard time deciding if they were actual old cartoons or retro-styled contemporary cartoons. Once you watch them you see the contemporary touches but they get the feel of 1930s-'40s cartoons so well.

cute. The orientalism is a little painful…

The new shorts are brilliant and lots of fun. They’ve been doing lots of them in other countries with either no dialogue or bits of other languages. The one in which he navigates the Tokyo subway system is great.

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Some context

The Chip and Dale cameo is the buried lede here, can’t get it out of my head


Related: the same crew behind the Mickey Mouse cartoons is doing a new Chip & Dale series coming this fall.


Good to know. I was more interested in the depiction of Thailand as this little tourist theme park of a floating water market, when in fact much of Thailand is fairly developed. But, hey it is Disney, theme parks are what they do!

May I recommend ¡Felíz Cumpleaños! : https://youtu.be/_2WMLV1UeuM

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Thanks for championing the Thai people’s cause.

I myself was deeply disappointed Disney didn’t show our world-market-leading production of bricks, steel products and automobile headlights among others before their mocking appropriation of alpine culture in this short:

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Tu quoque and Ad Hominem in the same reply, you leave me speechless.

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