Mickey Mouse in Ghoul Friend


Can’t play the YouTube link in Canada, guess I’ll just have to watch “Escape from Tomorrow” instead

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I love these new shorts. Took me a short time to realize that they were tributes to the (comically grotesque) 30s-style shorts and then I was fully on board. There are some great eastereggs for Disney nerds in these.

Not available outside of the USA, sloppy posting.

http://proxyusa.org/ or similar.
video url is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xRCYmbvfEs

when do they learn that restricting content to countries doesn’t work?


I have to wonder if these aren’t a ploy to extend the copyright on the older “Steamboat Willie” style of Mickey?

I’m Canadian, therefor this doesn’t actually exist.

Between this and making Mulan bisexual last week, Disney’s getting pretty hip.

I find these new shorts to be a lot more inspired by Ren & Stimpy, rather than classic Walt Disney.

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country. "

Thanks for nothing, DisneyShorts!

Smart, fun, inventive, stylized as hell and they even squeezed in the Goofy’s ‘Wilhelm-scream’ audio bite.

Why OH WHY aren’t they putting the creative reins into the hands of people like this, instead of giving us Cars-tie-in garbage like “Planes”?

I don’t know. I love the silent clown comedy, which is definitely lacking in the current mainstream animation landscape (although Simon’s Cat is pretty great…) but I found the animation itself to be jarringly cheap. The super-clean vector-y lines on the character were stiff, and the floating flash-tweened shapes made it look like Homestar Runner, but in a bad way. The environments were beautiful, but the character animation just didn’t match in a way to make is all hang together. There were some good gags, but again, the character art style just didn’t feel up to the task.

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