Flights From Hell: online documentary of unruly passengers and crewmembers

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Brace! Brace!

Not fun to hear…


I’ll have to watch this later, a little long. But does anyone remember the reality/documentary series that followed around Southwest Airlines called ‘Airline’? I loved that show so much. I even met one of the ladies who worked at Midway in Chicago. Got my picture taken with her. But I digress. They need to bring back that series now. It mainly showed how shitty passengers can be, but I think these days it would show a lot about the crew members as well.

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Well, probably not so much since if it shows crew members in a bad light, the airline is unlikely to cooperate.

I loved that show and, sure, Southwest is going to want to keep itself in a good light, I can barely remember ever having a problem with them. I’m not a huge flyer, but I fly on Southwest ~ 12x a year and it’s by far my favorite airline (including over any foreign carrier)

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