Flint, Michigan airport assailant shouted 'Allahu Akbar' as he stabbed officer, FBI says 'an act of terrorism'


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The best idea this guy could come up with was attacking an officer at an airport in Flint, MI with a knife? And he couldn’t even manage that successfully? Not exactly a brain trust here.


But if you say ‘White Power’ you’re just angry… Sigh…


Maybe there’s something in the water.



By tonight ISIS will claim he’s a “soldier.”


If I shout “Allahu Akbar” while eating a donut doe that turn it into an act of terrorism? asking for a friend


More an act of praise for the donut maker…


It’s a trap!


I get that “our” use of the word terrorism is itself a political act. (Why are white guys hurting people for political reasons not automatically called terrorists, etc.) But your point here has gone over my head. Is the Flint stabber obviously not a terrorist? Are people overly freaked out by the addition of “Allahu akbar”?


I was going to say, is he from Flint? Lead will lead to increased aggression.


Depends… what kind of donut?


Technically the Flint airport services basically all of central Michigan. He could be from anywhere between Holly and Midland or Saginaw easily.


Actually, the stabber is from Canada, which blows their peaceable rep out of the water (although he did have to go to the US before he could commit his crime.)

Having spent some time in Flint, I have no idea why someone would go there, terrorist or not.


Truth in Photoshop;


His point is that yelling out “god is great” is something a lot of people do even when they are not committing an act of terrorism. By itself its a really flimsy basis for determining if an act of violence is terrorism.

Also, are we sure he didn’t say Alu Akbar? Maybe the guy is a balsamic extremist who really, really likes vinegar and chips.


Are we sure he didn’t say Admiral Akbar? Maybe the guy has a Star Wars fetish.

And are we sure he doesn’t work for United Airlines?

It seems like something becomes “terrism” on the least little excuse. I make sure I park real careful nowadays.



A guy yelling “Allahu Akbar” while jumping off the high dive doesn’t sound much like terrorism, you’re right.

But a guy yelling “Allahu Akbar” and stuff about the US’s crimes in the Middle East while stabbing someone in the neck?


Imagine a white guy yelling about ruby ridge and God’s divine will then and stabbing a cop. Is that also “terrorism” or is that somebody going postal?